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Therapy Intake Session

A 15-minute intro to assess your goals and get you on the right path.

  • 15 min
  • Online Meetup through Zoom

Service Description

Our 15-minute intake sessions will allow you to meet with clinical sexologist Charlee Davis. In this brief but impactful session, we aim to create a safe and supportive environment where you can openly express your concerns, questions, and goals related to your sexual well-being. The entirety of this session will remain confidential and we will attentively listen to your unique story, understanding the challenges you may be facing and the areas you wish to explore or improve upon. By gaining insight into your individual experiences, desires, and expectations, we can tailor our guidance to address your specific needs effectively. The intake session serves as a valuable opportunity for you to discuss any concerns or issues related to your sexual health, relationships, desires, or identity. Whether you are facing difficulties with intimacy, grappling with questions about your sexual orientation or gender identity, or seeking guidance on enhancing your overall sexual well-being, we are here to offer support, understanding, and expertise. Through this initial consultation, we aim to create a foundation of trust and establish a collaborative partnership in your journey toward sexual fulfillment and empowerment. We will provide insights, resources, and recommendations based on their extensive knowledge and experience in the field. At the end of the session, you can expect to have a clearer understanding of the next steps in your sexual wellness journey. This may include recommendations for ongoing therapy, educational resources, exercises, or referrals to other specialists, if necessary. Our 15-minute intake session serves as a powerful starting point for your transformative sexual well-being journey. We believe that every individual deserves to embrace their unique sexual identity, experience fulfilling relationships, and lead a life of sexual integrity. Let us guide and support you on this path of discovery and growth.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy: Clients may cancel up to 24 hours before their session or request rescheduling up to 4 hours prior. Please contact us directly via email at or phone (385) 333-1102. In case of emergencies, contact Charlee directly to discuss possible accommodations. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Contact Details

Las Vegas, NV, USA

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