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Charlee Davis, Clinical Sexologist. A woman looking directly at the camera from a side angle. She has chin length, wavy, brown hair, blue eyes, and is smiling.


My name is Charlee Davis, I am a certified Clinical Sexologist with an additional degree in General Health and Science. I pride myself in creating a warm, inviting, and non-judgmental space for my clients to reach their personal goals. I specialize in female pleasure and LGBTQ relationships but have worked with a wide range of clients to help them overcome their struggles and live a happier, more fulfilled life. My goal is to help my clients cultivate a healthier self-image, build healthier relationships, and develop a renewed sense of confidence and empowerment.

My pronouns:


The History of Sexual Integrity

Sexual Integrity was born out of a personal conviction rooted in the belief that sex is a profoundly vulnerable experience. Driven by a deep understanding of the importance of fostering safe and enjoyable sexual relationships, I recognize that integrity lies at the core of our pursuit of sexual desires. Having navigated my own journey of self-discovery and witnessed the transformative power of embracing sexual integrity, I felt compelled to create a platform that promotes and guides others in cultivating healthy, respectful, and authentic connections with themselves and others. Sexual Integrity, both as a name and a guiding principle, reflects my unwavering commitment to supporting individuals in their pursuit of fulfilling and safe sexual experiences, firmly grounded in integrity and respect.

A Little About Charlee

Why did I become a Sexologist?

Having personally experienced my own sexual trauma and concerns, I discovered that the most impactful support came from working directly with a sexologist. Their expertise and guidance provided the essential healing and empowerment I needed to navigate my journey towards sexual well-being. It was through this transformative experience that I recognized the profound value of working with a sexologist in addressing and overcoming personal sexual challenges.

What do I love most about my job?

As a clinical sexologist, I am captivated by the multifaceted world of sexuality. I'm intrigued by everything sex, from the enigma of pleasure to the intricate ways we can enhance and heal. Witnessing the profound impact of exploring and understanding our sexual selves, and guiding others through this journey, fills me with a deep sense of fascination and fulfillment.

Get to know me!

When not assisting my clients, I find joy in the world of circus, exploring new skills and pushing boundaries. I can also be found enjoying peaceful walks with my beloved canine companion, Vin, or seeking thrills through hiking and snowboarding. In quieter moments, I indulge in the pleasure of reading and immersing myself in captivating stories.


Take the first step towards a more fulfilling and empowered sexual well-being by allowing me to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.

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