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Image by Donny Jiang
"Charlee has had an immense impact on my life. Charlee has provided valuable guidance through the intricacies of relationships, with focuses on areas such as compassion, personal boundaries, and intimacy. From the very beginning, Charlee has shown qualities that immediately instilled a sense of trust, compassion, and understanding.
The empathy demonstrated by Charlee has been remarkable. Every session feels like  a safe space where I can freely express myself without any fear of judgement. Charlee's ability to genuinely connect with my emotions and experiences has allowed me to delve deep into the core of my being, unraveling layers or complexities I hadn't imagined. Through this empathetic approach, Charlee has built a strong foundation of trust, making herself someone I am comfortable enough to share with without reserve, making my therapeutic journey truly impactful.
Intelligence and wisdom are obvious strengths of Charlee, shining through constantly. Charlee's profound understanding of human nature, relationships, and the intricacies of personal growth has been a guiding light. Charlee possesses a wealth of knowledge and a remarkable ability to apply it in ways that resonate with my unique circumstances. Charlee's insights have opened my eyes to new perspectives and provided clarity when I needed it most.
Integrity is a fundamental pillar of Charlee's practice. I am consistently impressed by her unwavering commitment to ethical principles and the highest standards of professionalism. Charlee creates an atmosphere of safety and trust that allows therapy to work. I always feel valued and respected as an individual, allowing me to delve into vulnerable topics with confidence.
Curiosity is a quality that sets Charlee apart. She approaches everything with genuine curiosity, and she asks insightful and probing questions that lead me to examine my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from different angles. Her curiosity within me, encouraging self-reflection and introspection that has proven invaluable for personal growth.
Beyond her qualities, Charlee's proactive nature has been a game-changer. Rather than passively listening, they actively and continuously seeking new avenues for exploration and growth, and she shows up for me with new ideas and avenues that she's come up with outside any formal sessions. Her proactive approach ensures that every conversation is a step forward on my journey to self discovery and healing.
My therapeutic experience with Charlee has been nothing short of transformative. Charlee's empathy, intelligence, wisdom, integrity, curiosity, and proactive nature have created an environment where personal growth, improvement and healing can flourish. I am immensely grateful for her guidance, as it has paved the way for positive changes in my relationships, communication, personal boundaries, and intimacy. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend this work to anyone seeking profound and impactful therapeutic support.
My current partner said it best, "Who made you this way? I need to thank them!"
Rating 5/5 stars!

Former & Current Client

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