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Our goal is to host events that offer a safe and informative platform for students to explore topics related to sexual health, consent, and healthy relationships. Through engaging discussions and evidence-based information, the event aims to promote knowledge, understanding, and empower students to make informed choices regarding their own sexual well-being.


These visits are beneficial if you are looking to enhance your understanding of sexual health, consent, communication, and other relevant subjects.

Things to Consider

Educational school visits from a sexologist can provide valuable and age-appropriate information to students, fostering a safe space for learning and discussion about important topics related to sexuality and relationships. Consider if you and your students are open to exploring new perspectives and engaging in informative conversations within a respectful and inclusive environment. Educational school visits offer a knowledgeable and experienced professional who can address questions, dispel myths, and provide accurate information, empowering students to make informed choices and cultivate healthy attitudes towards sexuality.

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