Rethinking Accountability


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I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to reach out about a new reality TV series that I am helping to cast for BBC Worldwide Productions. I was hoping someone from your organization or network of advocates would be willing to share their perspective with me and potentially be interested in appearing on an episode or two of this series. I need articulate, passionate, and steadfast in their perspectives type of people. We are specifically looking for someone who has a strong opinion against pornography.

This is a show that is a one-on-one, contrasting point of view show. It is a chance to put a human touch into the hot topics of today. There’s great potential to reach the other person in a different setting than one might usually be in. Our show is sure to start the conversation, but most importantly hear (and give a platform to tell) their point of view. The show will pair people with contrasting perspectives to speak their mind and hopefully broaden each other’s understanding of the other side.

I can send you our casting announcement for you to look over if you’d like. The next step would be for us to have a phone chat with you. Give us a call or an email! We’d love to talk to you more.


Jada Howcroft
Casting Associate | BBC Worldwide Productions
6855 Santa Monica Blvd | Los Angeles, CA 90038
Office: 323-785-8843

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